Ingredients: Eat Millet Foxtail Upma rava, Curd, Tomato, Onions, Green Chilies, Red Chillies, Turmeric, Coriander leaves, Pudina leaves, Kaju, Ginger, Ghee, Ground nuts, Mustard and cumin seeds, Salt for your taste.

Making process: 

  • Take  a Pan and Add oil as u required and add Mustard, Cumin seeds, dhal ,and add ground nuts then roasted it
  • Then Add ginger , curry leaves , green and red chillies then fry it and add turmeric then add 1 cup of onions until fry golden colour
  • And add Tomatoes (Finely chopped) and cook then add pudina leaves  fry it then add salt as your required for your taste 
  • Add curd 4 tablespoons and mix it then add Water sufficiently the ingredients are until  dipped into water and cook it for 10 mints 
  • Then Add Eat Millet Foxtail Upma rava and cook it until the water evaporated and add coriander  leaves then finally add ghee as u required for your taste then cook it for 10 mints 
  • Then finally serve Eat millet foxtail upma rava Tomato Bath with Raitha And Sambar.

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