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In Our Millet Recipes

Curd Rice

Ingredients:  EatMillet Upma rava 1 cup , Curd , Bengal gram, Urad dal ,  Salt , Cumin seeds,  Mustard seeds ,  Curry leaves ,  Red and green chilies , Ginger , Kaju,  Coriander leaves.

Making process:

  • Take a pan, add oil and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds , red and green chilies, curry leaves and fry it. 
  • Add urad dal,  kaju and  fry it.
  • Then take EatMillet  upma rava 1 cup and cook with sufficient water .
  • Cool the  upma rava and Add salt as per your taste. Now add 1 cup  curd and mix it.
  • Then finally add fried items into it And mix both and finally garnish with coriander leaves before serving.