Ingredients:  EatMillet idli rava 1 cup ,  ½ cup Wheat flour, 4-Potato,1 cup  White Batani, Chat masala, Mint leaves,  Coriander leaves, salt as per your taste,Chilli powder, Cumin powder, Pepper powder, Tamarind, onions and hot water for mixing a dough.

 Making process: 

  • Take a bowl and add 1 cup of EatMillet idli rava and ½ cup of wheat flour and mix with hot water as like chapati  dough is prepared and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Take chapati rolls and cut small rolls  pieces with the help of medium size water bottle cap then add oil into a pan for  deep fry then ready puries.
  • Then take 4 potatoes and white batani  and boil it and peel of skin of potato and smash it then add 2 tsp chaat masala ,white batani ,coriander leaves ,onions as you required 
  • Then add salt as per your taste and chilli powder and cumin powder 1 tsp , pepper powder 1 tsp And mix it then ready Masala. Now take Tamarind and soak for 15 minutes and take thick juice of tamarind kept aside.
  • Now prepare pani, take mints leaves and coriander leaves  Then blend it  and take that out and add 2 cups of water and now add chaat masala cumin powder pepper powder and Thick tamarind juice into pani then mix well .
  • Then ready to serve Yummy   millet Pani puri.