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Instant Millet Halwa Mix

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  • SKU: 411
  • Brand: Coastal foods
  • Type: Instant Millet Mix
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Benefits of Instant Millet Halwa Mix
  1. Nutrient-Dense: Instant Millet Halwa Mix is rich in essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, and iron, providing a nourishing option for a balanced diet.

  2. Quick and Convenient: Offering instant preparation, it's a convenient choice for those with busy lifestyles, allowing for a delicious and wholesome dessert or snack in no time.

  3. Satisfyingly Sweet: With its delightful taste and aroma, Instant Millet Halwa Mix serves as a satisfying dessert option, perfect for satisfying sweet cravings while still offering nutritional benefits.

  4. High Fiber Content: The presence of fiber aids digestion and promotes gut health, contributing to overall digestive wellness and providing a feeling of fullness after consumption.

Nutrients Per 100g RDA %
Energy (kcal/100g) 410.59 2082
Protein (g/100g) 12.09 20.31
Total Carbohydrate (g/100g) 75.82 2653
Sugar (g/100g) 25.67 12.83
Crude Fiber (g/100g) 2.94 2.49
Total Fat (g/100g) 6.55 N/A
Calcium (g/100g) 5.76 N/A
Iron (mg/100g) 36.59 N/A


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